RApplied education neuroscience has provided educators with answer behind the “why”.  Understanding the primary structures of the brain, their function and how they impact learning and memory has opened the door to accelerated achievement, enhanced engagement and the ability for every child to thrive in the learning environment.

Essential information on how to effectively teach children while taking care of their own mental health has been provided through educational neuroscience.    Professional development on applied neuroscience essentials, the emotional brain, the healthy brain and the mindful brain will equip faculty with the principles needed to address the diverse needs of students so teachers can engage in the art of teaching.  

Example workshop:

Close the Equity Gap by Opening the Mind!   This session will focus on understanding the connection between experiences, emotions and behavior and how to create a culture that honors equity.  Attendees will explore the 6 major structures of the brain, their function and how they affect learning and behavior.  Applied neuroscience will enable staff to gain an understanding of how the brain works to effectively design learning experiences that engage every learner while leveraging the achievement gap.  School personnel make thousands of decisions every day regarding students.  Exploration of the role of Implicit bias, how to Increase awareness and build equity will be an area of focus.  Attendees will discover Indicators that alert them to potential problems, strategies to effectively engage the brain and how to enhance student engagement and success.

Other topics include:

  • Brain 101
  • Executive Functions
  • Self Regulation
  • Building Empathy, Resilience and Courage
  • Brain Aligned Positive Discipline
  • Trauma Informed Brain Aligned Strategies
  • Alternatives to Suspension:  Student Support Centers
Kelly Spanoghe